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Who are we?

Beki Hill

An ex-scientist who has recently finished her PhD thesis, Beki decided she’d had enough of Bunsen burners and yeast so made the jump into journalism. She’s had experience working at Sense About Science and the Science Media Centre and helped launch the Sheffield British Science Association branch, Science Brainwaves. She’s pretty sure that, like many things, peer review isn’t perfect – but it’s the best we’ve got (see Churchill’s opinion of democracy and government).

Follow Beki on Twitter @BekiHill
Find Beki’s blogs here Bek’s Files and here Pieces of Cake

Ann-Kathrin Lindemann

A science writer and communication scientist, Ann-Kathrin was born and raised in Munich. She moved to London in September 2010 to gather new experiences and study science journalism at City University. Her main interests are technology and its impacts on society and social sciences.

Follow Ann-Kathrin on Twitter @Anka_Li
Find Ann-Kathrin’s Blog here: www.afterthoughtsonscience.wordpress.com

Louise Ogden

Louise studied for a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Astronomy before realising she was far better at talking about science than actually doing it. Her passion lies in astronomy and the physical sciences, but she has an interest in nearly all aspects of science and health.
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Have a look at Louise’s blog It’s All Relativity

Richard Masters

Richard is a philosophy graduate and hails from the Home Counties. Inspired by exponential progress of science, he plans to write in an accessible way for an eclectic audience. He has a passion for reading, coffee and harbours a secret love of the arts. Just don’t tell anyone.

Débora Miranda

Débora studied Communication Sciences in her sunny home country Portugal, then moved to Germany to study journalism and worked for Deutsche Welle. Finally, she went to Brussels to explore the complicated structure of the European Commission, returned to Germany for some more live programmes, night shifts and challenging interviews. In the end, she quit all of this to study in London and to report on one of the most fascinating fields of journalism: Health.

Follow Debora on Twitter @debmir
Find Debora’s Portuguese blog here http://www.debdiletante.wordpress.com
Find Debora’s English blog here Health & Environment here http://www.talktoscience.wordpress.com

Fareha Lasker

Having been Sports Editor and a sub-editor of The Verse newspaper while studying for a BSc in Biomedical Sciences, Fareha’s neeky interests include rugby, health, cheerleading and medicine. This year as well as learning the sitar, she hopes to expand her neekiness to all things Nature.

Follow Fareha on Twitter @talkneekytome
Find Fareha’s blog here on http://www.talkneekytome.wordpress.com

Mike Jones

A long-term consumer of news, Mike (aka Darren McGuinness) has just embarked on the mission to step up and produce it for you. As a Geography graduate he is eager to see how his understanding of science is seen through the various media from which we get our knowledge.

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Find Mike’s blog here

Jasmine Malone

Jasmine is a freelance writer, editor and blogger, having worked for a very long list of publications and companies, including Nature, the BMA, New Scientist, GP, and many many more. Jasmine is known to cheat on science with fashion, millinery, and ballet and thought to study an MA in Science Journalism at City in an effort to convince future employers that she does in fact write about science as a profession and does not just run around Selfridges shopping.

Find Jasmine’s blogs here http://www.sciencevogue.wordpress.com and

Jennifer Appleton

Jennifer studied for a degree in Veterinary medicine at the Royal Veterinary College until she realised her true passion lay in scientific writing. Her preferred subject area still lies within the realms of veterinary science with a special interest in zoonotic diseases.


Abi Millar

After two years on a lifestyle magazine, and a non-too-scientific English degree, Abi took an unexpected U-turn and wound up here. A prolific blogger, she writes about everything from online dating to theatre to gender delusions. She thinks art and science are both quite good. Her articles are archived here.


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